Women's Haircut

From pixi short to mermaid long, with this service we can trim up and up keep your existing style or go for an all over different look.  A relaxing shampoo. 

Men's Haircut

Guys want style too! If you're looking for a high and tight, or a hard part, or even something in between, we will gladly meet your hair needs.

Child's Haircut

10 & under

We love kids and creating a great experience with them in the salon! This includes cut only.  Shampoo, dry and style may be added depending on your child and their needs.

Custom Color

Custom Color covers an array of new and updated color techniques.  From balayage to colormelts, shadow roots, and vivid color each experience is customized to you.  Prices will be quoted before services begin and as always, will include a complimentary haircut.


A classic all over color can compliment anyone's style.  From a sheer tint that lets existing tones peak through, to a new daring opaque, the sky is the limit.  As always, this includes a complimentary haircut.


Hilights can be and do so many different things for your look.  We can add some around your face to brighten you up or go all in with a full hilight as well.  From caramel to icy blonde your options are limitless.  As always, a complimentary haircut is included with every chemical service.

Lash Lift and Tint

Why use falsies or extensions when your natural lashes can have the curl and color you've always wanted, that will outlast all those options?  Serivice time last about an hour, and you can enjoy your lift and tint for 8-12 WEEKS!  Call today for your consultation.

Brow Wax and Tint

Brows are the new Bangs and we can no enhance them without permanently altering them.  Using the Golden Triangle method we will shape them to be perfectly perportionat to your face.  After that we will customize the perfect color creating a fuller, more perfect brow.

Full Body Waxing

Shaving is a thing of the past with our all new Waxing Suite.  In an average month women spend 130 minutes shaving, which in her lifetime totals 58.4 days.  Waxing leaves the skin smooth, free of razor burn, and the best part is it lasts 4-6 weeks! 

Hilights and Lowlights

With hilights and lowlights the amount of contrast you can create is mesmerizing.  If you're looking for a subtle or high contrast it's up to you.  As always, a complimentary haircut is included with every chemical service.

Color Retouch

If your roots are showing, this ones for you.  Color retouch's are best at 4-8 weeks after your last color.  As always, a complimentary haircut is included with every chemical service.

Olaplex Haircut or Stand Alone Treatment

Olaplex is a treatment that rebonds the proteins in your hair.  If you've been a little too hard on your hair you will be amazed how wonderful this treatment truly is.

Shampoo Style

If you're tired of doing your own hair, or going out for the night and wanting it to look on point, come in for a shampoo and style!


Perms have evolved over the years, from beach waves to old school perms, if you're looking to add texture this is for you! As always, a complimentary haircut is included with every chemical service.

Special Event Styling

We love making you the focus on your special day! Braids, curls, waves, and bobbypins are a normal day for us.  Kick back, relax, and know you're in good hands.

Waxing Services

We offer all facial waxing including lips, eyebrows, chin, and neck.


Our deluxe pedi is something you won't soon forget.   Beginning with a relaxing soak, nails, shaped and filed, the most amazing foot and leg massage, followed by a paraffin dip that will moisturize those tootsies like never before.  After that its time for the finale, which means polish and go! 


Our manicures include a nice soak, followed by nail shaping, and a hand massage. Pick your favorite polish or shellac and exit with beautiful nails!

Lash Lift and Tint

This exciting new service accentuates what your already have.  By lifting and curling your lashes along with a black tint, you are ready for "natural" long looking lashes that last for 8-12 weeks!

Full Body Waxing

Body waxing last longer than your normal shaving along with a non stubble grow out.  Try it once and you'll never go back to the old method again.

Lash Extensions

Tns of options here! From your basic full set to Mermaid Lashes, 7D Lashes the list goes on!

Eyebrow Extensions

Why go permanent when you can get far more natural looking without a tattoo gun.  Eyebrow extensions will give you that put together look in just an hour.